How To Stop Gambling

how to stop gamblinghow to stop gamblinghow to stop gambling
Gambling is prevalent in many states today, including where it is declared illegal since there are online gambling sites from where one can easily gamble provided they have internet access. Gambling enthusiasts mostly end up being addicted to this act. This addiction can be very harmful and can ruin your life and rob you off your property and earnings in a split record. Gambling can be a very negative addiction which can affect your finances, work and relationship with people around you. Recovering from this addiction is not easy, but can be achieved. Here are some tips on how to stop gambling.

The first thing to getting rid of gambling is to admit your addiction and that you have a problem that requires help. The only way you can stop this problem is admitting that you are unable to control yourself. This will give you the courage to seek help from relevant sources like your friends, family and even counseling services. Remember, support given by family is very essential in dealing with any addiction, and gambling is not different. However, this admission should be coupled with the desire to stop. Make a promise to yourself that you will quit this compulsive behavior.

Reduce your access to money. A good way to stop gambling is by eliminating the chance to access large sums of money. There are some steps that one can take to block their access to money so as to successfully cut off the possibility of gambling. For instance, you can voluntarily choose to give your money to a trusted friend or your spouse. Having your wife, husband or close friend monitor your spending will help you deal with your addiction. Carry just enough money in your pocket everyday that is only suitable for minor purchases.

Avoid opportunities to gamble. Reduce the possibility of getting involved in betting activities by taking away everything that could end up encouraging you to gamble. For instance, if most of your gambling happened from online game play and betting, consider canceling your internet subscription indefinitely. If you have some credit cards that can be used in gambling, you can also consider cutting them off. Stay away from situations and places that may attract you to gamble. If your friends encourage you to gamble, avoid them as this can end up getting you back into the addiction. If you live in an area where gambling is permitted, you can even consider relocating to an area or state that prohibits gambling.

Get yourself a new, healthy obsession to replace gambling. Some people gamble to relieve boredom or stress and there are others who do it for excitement or a general hobby. To stop gambling, you can consider reconnecting with activities that you took pleasure from in the past or try out new things to keep your mind preoccupied. Recreational activities like sports and exercising will not only keep you distracted but also contain a number of physical benefits. You can also involve in other activities like reading books, arts and crafts and cooking to replace gambling activity.

Another way in which you can stop gambling is by joining a support group. This can be a family member or a close friend who has dealt with a similar addiction before. Talk to these people about your urge to quit this compulsive behavior and call them up whenever you have the urge to gamble. Since these people have tried to quit or have already quit gambling, they are in a good position to offer you the support and comfort you require during this difficult journey. You can also try attending classes and seminars that are exclusively designed for people dealing with gambling issues.

If the above self help tips do not prove helpful, you can consider seeking professional help. Depending on how severe your addiction is, one treatment method might be more satisfactory than another. Consider entering a residential treatment plan, in severe cases. This plan offers specialized personnel who help you deal with your gambling problem. There are also inpatient treatment programs that are meant for troubled gamblers who are not ready to enter a residential program. Inpatient programs offer round the clock integrated and coordinated services in hospitals. You can also research various websites that can assist you stop gambling. On these sites, you will get guides on how to stop gambling.